What will (NOT) change in tourism in the future… #108 (Gastbeitrag, hotelkit)

Jordan Hollander, LA – founder of HotelTechReport, Surfer and Golfer – Interview with hotelkit

About rebuilding in a time when we’re not quite there yet

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Jordan Hollander, founder of the one and only hotel software platform HotelTechReport, sits down with us to gaze into the crystal ball. What will change, what will stay the same? Will we ever go back to normal and what does the future of hotel tech hold for us?

To start, maybe a topic which, unfortunately, still is super present: Coronavirus. What do you think? Will our day-to-day ever be what it was before? 

My general philosophy is that – since we’re on the subject of humans – we’re really resilient and quick to bounce back into our usual habits. But the caveat to that is each month that we’re engaging in fundamentally different behaviors than we’re used to historically, it increases the probability that we won’t go back to that reversion. I think it’s been so long now that we’ve been in quarantine, that we’ve been out of offices, that we’ve been restricted in traveling, that now we’re in a place where life will look completely different afterward.